my story

Man, healing is no joke. It’s a lifelong hustle, but let me tell you, it’s hands down the hardest yet most fulfilling thing I’ll ever do. I’m convinced it’s my biggest contribution to myself, the people in my life, and society.

 My healing journey slapped me right in the face. It hit me hard and out of the blue, just like it does for most people. Back in the day, I left a toxic home at 21 and moved in with my boyfriend. We partied, worked our asses off, splurged on fancy dinners, vacations, and all kinds of stuff throughout our 20s. Life was a blast until our late 20s, when reality kicked our ass and the Universe demanded more. At 30, bam! My then-husband was having an affair, and our marriage was over.

 I was crushed, lost and terrified. I’d never been on my own and never really took the time to figure myself out. All I knew was the “wife” role, and without it, I felt like a nobody. I was physically ill for months and that time period feels like an absolute blur.

 Since then, I have devoted myself to healing. It has been a process of self-discovery, repairing my mind, body and soul. I’ve had to unlearn and dismantle a lifetime of conditioning and false beliefs that weren’t truly mine. In doing so, I’ve found my authentic voice and connected with like-minded people who have become my support system.

 This journey has brought me to a place of stability, and now, my desire is to help others going through similar struggles. I want to be the person I wished for during my darkest times – someone who understands, empathizes, and can offer insights and tools to aid in their healing process.

 If you find yourself in a similar situation or simply long to be part of a community that seeks support, healing, growth, humor and relatability, know that you are welcome here and I see you. I get you. Together, we can navigate this journey, and I’d be honored to have you join us. ❤️