Unlock your Inner Power and create a bond with yourself that transforms your life.

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Jen Doty

Empowerment Holistic Wellness Coach

Energy Healer

Having an unbreakable bond with yourself is the foundational piece you’ve been missing.

unbreakable bond

Do you ever think to yourself

“This can’t be it”

Do you feel confined by the expections and identities you've created for yourself, layered with what you thought your life was supposed to look like?

You're going through the motions and maybe everything seems fine, but you know there's something more.

You KNOW you're not just here to exist. In the deepest part of yourself, one that you've barely looked at, you KNOW, you FEEL there is more.

how it unfolds:

Observe the innocence of children, how they move through the world with curiosity, confidence, and creativity. At birth, we're inherently brimming with love and care for ourselves and others, attuned to our hunger, fullness, and desire for play. We instinctively navigate our surroundings with joy and exploration.

But as we journey through life, voices around us dictate what's right or wrong, what we can or can't do. Gradually, we conform, shedding aspects of our vibrant personalities to fit societal norms, eroding our trust in ourselves and our instincts.

We're told to conform, to look a certain way, pursue specific paths, all in the name of societal comfort. In this process, we bury our true selves, forgetting our desires and losing trust in the world and those around us.

Heartbreak, betrayal, and pain further fracture our trust, leading to the development of coping mechanisms and masks to shield ourselves. We become people-pleasers, saying yes to everything and striving for control to feel safe. Yet, beneath this facade, buried emotional turmoil manifests as physical illness.

Yet, amidst the chaos, whispers from within emerge, reminding us that there's more to life, urging us to break free from the confines we've built to protect ourselves.

Somewhere deep within you, a voice long suppressed begins to beg for attention. It's time to listen.


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When we construct an identity based on perceived expectations or societal pressures, it manifests in various facets of our daily lives:

Emotional Overwhelm: Navigating life may feel like riding an emotional roller coaster, making it difficult to regain composure during triggering moments.

Challenges in Saying No: The fear of disapproval or rejection can create a hesitancy to assert boundaries, leaving you unable to confidently say no, even when it's in your best interest.

Constant Comparison: Endlessly measuring yourself against societal standards or others' achievements may lead to feelings of inadequacy, hindering your ability to appreciate your unique journey.

Burnout from Perfectionism: Striving for an idealized version of yourself may result in relentless perfectionism, leaving you exhausted and questioning your self-worth.

Seeking External Validation: Relying on external approval for self-worth might overshadow your innate values, causing you to prioritize others' opinions over your authentic desires.

Loss of Personal Connection: The quest to conform might distance you from your true self, impacting your ability to authentically connect with others.

By unraveling these patterns, we pave the way for genuine self-discovery, allowing you to embrace authenticity, resilience, and fulfillment.

what my coaching looks like -

I specialize in guiding driven, forward-thinking women who are ready to tap into their most empowered self, unlock boundless potential, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation to realize their true wants and desires.

Embracing change and navigating life's transitions are at the core of my philosophy on personal development and growth. I truly believe that we are many, many different versions of ourselves in 1 lifetime and that we can recreate ourselves as many times as we'd like!

In my role as a Coach, I draw from my own life experiences and a unique perspective on life to assist you in creating the life you want to live (not escape). My mission is to unleash untapped potential and nurture authentic self-expression.

What fuels my passion is not only your journey, but also the ripple effect that one more empowered woman has in this world.

My story...

Man, healing is no joke. It’s a lifelong hustle, but let me tell you, it’s hands down the hardest yet most fulfilling thing I’ll ever do. I’m convinced it’s my biggest contribution to myself, the people in my life, and society.

My healing journey slapped me right in the face. It hit me hard and out of the blue, just like it does for most people. Back in the day, I left a toxic home at 21 and moved in with my boyfriend. We partied, worked our asses off, splurged on fancy dinners, vacations, and all kinds of stuff throughout our 20s. Life was a blast until our late 20s, when reality kicked our ass and the Universe demanded more. At 30, bam! My then-husband was having an affair, and our marriage was over.

I was crushed, lost and terrified. I’d never been on my own and never really took the time to figure myself out. All I knew was the “wife” role, and without it, I felt like a nobody. I was physically ill for months and that time period feels like an absolute blur.

Since then, I have devoted myself to healing. It has been a process of self-discovery, repairing my mind, body and soul. I’ve had to unlearn and dismantle a lifetime of conditioning and false beliefs that weren’t truly mine. In doing so, I’ve found my authentic voice and connected with like-minded people who have become my support system.

This journey has brought me to a place of stability, and now, my desire is to help others going through similar struggles. I want to be the person I wished for during my darkest times – someone who understands, empathizes, and can offer insights and tools to aid in their healing process.

If you find yourself in a similar situation or simply long to be part of a community that seeks support, healing, growth, humor and relatability, know that you are welcome here and I see you. I get you. Together, we can navigate this journey, and I’d be honored to connect with you.


6 Month Coaching Container

Experience a deeper level of transformation with an immersive 6-month coaching container. These extended engagements offer an in-depth exploration of your goals, values, and aspirations, allowing for profound personal growth and self-awareness. Through regular sessions and ongoing support, we'll navigate challenges, celebrate successes, and empower you to create meaningful and sustainable change in your life.

Prices start at $100/session

3 Month Coaching Container

3-month coaching journey designed to ignite personal growth and cultivate lasting change. In these comprehensive containers, we'll work closely together to identify your goals, uncover potential obstacles, and develop actionable strategies to help you thrive. Whether you're seeking clarity in your career, relationships, or personal development, this 3-month coaching container provides the structure and support you need to cultivate and/or navigate growth and change.

Prices start at $100/session

BREAKthru Session

Sometimes, all it takes is a single breakthrough moment to catalyze transformative change. This breakthru session offers a condensed yet impactful coaching experience designed to help you address specific challenges, gain clarity, and move forward with confidence. Whether you're facing a major life decision, feeling stuck in a rut, or seeking guidance on a pressing issue, this session provides a focused and effective pathway to clarity and empowerment.



Tap into the healing power of Reiki and experience deep relaxation, balance, and rejuvenation. Reiki sessions offer a holistic approach to well-being, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony. Guided by a certified Reiki practitioner, you'll receive gentle energy work aimed at clearing blockages, restoring balance, and fostering a sense of inner peace. Whether you're seeking relief from stress, pain, or emotional turmoil, Reiki sessions provide a soothing sanctuary for healing and renewal.

$85 for 45 min (plus 15 min consult) - 1 hr total

All of my coaching offerings are customizable to your unique needs, preferences, and goals. Let's start the conversation and explore if we're a good fit and how we might work together. This is YOUR journey!


When Jen came into my life, she truly was the Godsend that I prayed for. I honestly had no idea what I needed in my life. I was not myself and so many things were changing out of my control. I felt out of my element. My life and myself was unrecognizable. I prayed to God and the Universe for guidance through this challenging time. I began listening to affirmations, scrolling through instagram and came across “The Wellness Alcove”. AND that’s when Jen reached out to me and changed my life! She really gave me the insight that I am actually healing from years of unresolved trauma, anxiety, depression and self sabotage. She has so much knowledge to share, and helps me gain the clarity I need to undertake a life changing season. Knowing that Jen is also on her healing journey gives me comfort during what feels like a lonely road at times. It makes me feel like she truly understands. Her heart is genuine, kind and true. She has helped me see who I am, that I am worthy of all the good I want in my life, and I am so grateful for our connection.


I highly recommend The Wellness Alcove to anyone looking to embark on a healing journey and make positive changes in their life. Jen has great energy that is contagious! She always reminds me to use the tools that I forget I have. Her organization skills are top-notch, which helps keep me on track and focused on my goals. Since working with Jen, I have seen a continuous positive impact in my life. She has helped me overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and achieve personal growth, one baby step at a time! I am so grateful for her guidance and support. If you're looking for a coach who is passionate, organized, and dedicated to helping you succeed, look no further!


Jen and I met through Instagram at a time in our lives that we clearly needed each other most. How am I so lucky to be able to benefit from her present, knowledge, and unwavering support?

In all seriousness, Jen has been able to help me process through thoughts, emotions, and events happening in my life. She has taught me so much about myself since I met her just several months ago. And not in a ‘I know you and am going to show you who you are’ but in an inquisitive way. Asking all the right powerful questions to get me thinking more. Showing me a different perspective.

I will forever value knowing Jen. ♥️


What a true gift and honor it is when someone let’s you into their healing journey <3

change only comes when you want the pain of growth more then the pain of staying the same.



I’m based in Pittsburgh, PA but work with people all over.

Email: jen@thewellnessalcove.com